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BREAKING: Toho Making First Godzilla Film in 12 Years

by JasonDecember 7, 2014

Yes, the title for this particular article that you just saw isn’t a mistake. Toho Studios has just announced that they will return and make their first Godzilla film in 12 years since Ryuhei Kitamura’s attempt at the King of the Monsters in 2004.

Some of the reasons that Toho has made the decision to go ahead and make a Godzilla film is that the Kaiju King is undergoing a new revival and has gained speed ever since Gareth Edwards’ blockbuster hit, Godzilla, which made over $470million worldwide and over $26million in Japan alone. Another reason too is that Toho doesn’t want to lose to Hollywood, as the filming techniques in Japan have really improved over the years, even their visual effects, from what I’ve seen. An example of this is from the film Parasyte that was just recently released at the end of November.

According to other articles out there, the new film will of course not tie-in to Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla universe. It’s also expected that Toho will reveal the staff and crew for the new film at a later date and will begin production on the film in the Summer 2015 timeframe (possibly around the time G-FEST XXII kicks off) and finish it up in the Fall. Toho plans to release the film in Japan theaters in 2016, and eventually worldwide afterwards.

So, what are your thoughts on Toho finally making a new Godzilla film after 12 years? Sound off in the comments below and we’ll have more news on [...]


Godzilla Rated PG-13, New TV Spot

by JasonApril 18, 2014
Legendary's blockbuster film has finally been given a rating, plus a new TV Spot has been released.

New Ultraman Ginga Series, New Ultraman Revealed

by JasonApril 10, 2014

Recently over at Tsuburaya Productions, they’ve announced a brand new Ultraman series that is scheduled to air on TV in Japan later this year, titled Ultraman Ginga S. The new series will consist of a total of 16 episodes, with the first 8 episodes airing from July 15th to September 2nd, and then the other 8 episodes will air from November 4th to December 23rd.

However, probably the bigger piece of news here is that Tsuburaya has unveiled another new Ultraman to appear in the series along with Ultraman Ginga, called Ultraman Victory. The new Ultraman’s host will be played by Kamen Rider Fourze star Kiyotaka Uji, whom portrayed Unicorn Zodiarts in that Kamen Rider series.

“When Ginga finished last year, I told Tsuburaya Productions that I wanted to work again next year,” says Takuya Negishi, who played as Hikaru Raidō and played host to Ultraman Ginga in New Ultraman Retsuden. “There was more that I wanted to communicate.”

“I was thrillied when I heard I’d become Ultraman Victory,” says Kiyotaka Uji. “I yelled at the top of my lungs when I got home. Becoming another member of the historic Ultraman lineage is a big responsibility. I grew up watching Ultraman and playing with the toys, I know now that there are no impossible dreams. I will do my best to now be part of this generation’s children, protecting peace and fighting evil enemies.”

The new Ultraman Ginga S show will be directed by a fan-favorite, Koichi Sakamoto. Sakamoto [...]


IGN Reveals ‘Godzilla’ Set Photos, Video

by JasonMarch 21, 2014
Read IGN's extensive article and watch their video on the things they saw during their visit last year.

UK ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Reveals New Footage

by JasonMarch 18, 2014
More scenes never-before-seen are revealed in latest 'Godzilla' trailer for the UK.
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