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Kaiju Cup Tourney: Regional Finals

by KentApril 3, 2016

Never have I had a round, prior to today and in last year’s tournament, where a single round’s bouts were so decisive.

This is the cream of the crop, folks. The titans of the kaiju world in 2016. Take a moment to look at the Final Four kaiju. Okay, you saw them? Good! Each one of them had no trouble in their Regional Final matchup. They made it look easy. I was even impressed considering that each one of these four kaiju had magnificent opponents.

Now that the Final Four is set, who do you have? Are your original picks still alive? Discuss below!


Upsets Steal The Show in Round 1 of Kaiju Cup Tourney!

by KentMarch 22, 2015

Wow! The first round of the inaugural Kaiju Cup Tourney was filled with many surprising upsets. I will say that a few of them are major upsets and surprises.

Take a look at the results for yourself: 

What do you make of the results? Who do you think will win in the second round?


The 2015 Kaiju Cup Tourney

by KentMarch 20, 2015

To coincide with the NCAA’s college basketball tournaments, we decided to have one of our own…except it involves kaiju!

We’re introducing the inaugural Kaiju Cup Tournament. We’re hoping this will be an annual event that will be held this time every year. This year, we have 32 kaiju competing for the cup. We’re thinking about expanding the field to 64 next year.

This particular tournament, we’ve divided the four brackets up into “regions”: Space, Mecha, Mutated, and Legendary kaiju. It’s unclear whether we will continue with the same region names in the future but time will tell.

This year’s bracket is shown below:

The seeding was determined through my own judgment. Again, it’s unclear whether such a decision will be made in future tournaments or through a generator.

How winners will be selected

Through a simple generator. It’s unfortunate that there really aren’t any good, free simulation software out there (unless any of you out there know of any) that could be used to simulate these matches in a more realistic manner that takes kaiju powers into consideration.

So we’re left with a generator that will select the winners at random. While this isn’t ideal, it does, however, give the weaker kaiju a legitimate shot at winning the tournament. Such [...]


Overlooked & Unappreciated

by KentJanuary 28, 2015

I have discussed this issue on the podcast before, but feel the need to write it down in the hopes of having something more on the record and to have the ability to go into depth more about this era of Godzilla films–an era that I find to be, as the title of this article states, overlooked and unappreciated.

Before I continue, I want to give a note that this article is that of my own opinion and experiences. My experiences have shown me that this era is glossed over, or simply neglected, in many discussions within the fandom. Or, worse yet, looked upon as being inferior to the Showa and Millennium era of films. This article’s intent is not to say this era is better than the other two, but to, hopefully, bring about more discussions on the importance of this era of Godzilla films and to garner greater appreciation for the strides it made from when the Showa era ended in 1975. Many of the new techniques used in the Heisei era paved the way for the 1990s Gamera films and for the Millennium era that followed four years after the conclusion of the Heisei era.

Showa & Millennium Reign Supreme

There’s no doubt that the Showa era of Godzilla films is the most discussed and liked within the Godzilla fandom. Not only are there more movies made during this era (1954-1975), but many of the U.S. fans that have led the way to the explosion of kaiju popularity stateside grew up watching [...]


Kent Reviews “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II” Score

by KentApril 3, 2014
Kent reviews Akira Ifukube's score to 1993's "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II."
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