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“Shin Godzilla” Official Review

by KentJuly 29, 2017

I wrote about my initial thoughts on Shin Godzilla within 36 hours after watching the singular viewing of it within my area back in October.

My initial reaction to the film was one of tremendous disappointment, but I could appreciate certain elements of the film (such as the effects). But I still believed I needed to see the movie, at least, one more time before completely making those sentiments official.

Well, after viewing the movie for a second time, I have concluded that just about everything I wrote about Shin Godzilla back in October is still valid, but with one small exception: The U.S. release of Shin Godzilla includes an English dub track for the movie and I found that to be an incredible relief considering the movie, with it’s subtitles and the titles of the individual heads of the Japanese government appearing throughout the movie, I found it incredibly difficult to get everything I needed to have a complete experience with the movie. That dub track, I’m pleased to say, has made my second viewing experience a significant improvement and made it easier to follow the movie as a whole.

But with all of that said, I still have a tremendous time accepting this as a Godzilla movie.

Let me put into bullet points the issues I have with the movie as, if I were to go into detail about the points, I believe I could turn this review into an incredibly long post:

None of the characters are likable. The characters are also [...]

My Unofficial Review of “Shin Godzilla”

by KentOctober 12, 2016

“Why did they even make it? Godzilla was hardly in the movie.”

“Well, I’m never seeing that again.”

These quotes are the general thoughts of most of those I heard in my audience last night as credits rolled for Toho’s 2016 Shin Godzilla/Godzilla: Resurgence. It was a one-time-only showing at one of my local theaters.

To be frank, and at the risk of other fans telling me I’m not a true fan, I understand, and, to a degree, agree with many of those in my theater.

It didn’t help when, almost three months ago, some fortunate fans were in Japan to see the movie during its opening week. I, and others left in the States, pleaded with such fans to not spoil anything on social media. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be had. Not only did quite a few go into spoiler territory, some went so far as to post pictures and video clips of the movie. As a result, I didn’t go into this as spoiler-free as I would have liked. Also, due to some of the video and photo clips, what I saw were elements of Godzilla, and a Godzilla movie, that I was deeply concerned about. More on that as my review progresses.

For the first time, in my twenty-four years of being a fan, I found myself hesitant to see a Godzilla movie. Nevertheless, I did my best to enter the theater with an open mind–understanding that the movie was going to be different.

I’m okay with movies being different. In fact, [...]


“The Return of Godzilla” Blu Ray Review

by KentAugust 19, 2016

“The Return of Godzilla” Blu Ray has finally arrived! It’s great to be able to own, finally, a legitimate copy of this movie!

I watched the international dub version of the film recently and these are my thoughts:

The dub itself, it must be stated, is NOT the same dub done by New World Pictures in 1985. This is dubbed by a completely different set of individuals. With that said, the actual dub is pretty good. It’s a little weird, for those of us familiar with the New World dub, to hear different voices coming out of the actors, but the dubbers, for this international dub, do a very competent job. There are a few moments where the dubbing gets a little goofy, but nothing major. What’s better, though, about this dub is that the dialogue more closely resembles the actual Japanese dialogue.

It is great that it’s the full Japanese version of the movie that is dubbed as well. Many fans, who have had the misfortune of not being able to see the Japanese cut (at least legally), will get to see this movie in all of its glory. Those who are long-time listeners to our podcast know how much I love the original cut of this movie.

Now comes the question of just how good the HD is in the movie. My conclusion is that it’s hit and miss. There are moments where a lot of grain shows up in some scenes and it’s absolutely pristine in others. I was actually shocked where, during one moment of Godzilla’s [...]


“Godzilla Resurgence” Score Review

by KentAugust 18, 2016

I was able to finally sit down and listen to the “Godzilla Resurgence” score by Shiro Sagisu.

Sagisu’s score of this particular Godzilla movie has more of a Hollywood-style to it than just about any previous Toho Godzilla movie; and I believe, on some level, that may be intentional. I got flashes of Brian Tyler’s “The Expendables” and “The Expendables 2” scores during some of the tracks.

Sagisu has some real talent as he is able to capture the magnitude of chaos within the movie (or so I’m assuming as I’ve yet to see the movie). Some of the tracks are somber and majestic while others bring in a march-like beat–most likely signifying action sequences.

However, his inability to stay within a particular style (read also: vibe) makes the stand-alone listening experience a bit disjointed. Every maestro for every Godzilla score, including David Arnold and Alexandre Desplat, set the tone and theme early and work within those parameters. Sagisu doesn’t stay within those parameters and that’s cause for some of the disjointedness. Another factor in the listening experience being disjointed is the placement of nine Ifukube tracks throughout the score. I’m not saying the Ifukube tracks are the cause, but, rather, their placement is: They’re intertwined with Sagisu’s music. Typically, anyone scoring a Godzilla movie, who is not Ifukube, and uses some of his music [...]


Kaiju Cup Tourney: The Final

by KentApril 9, 2016

It’s been another exciting tournament and it culminated into a showdown between Ultraman X and Irys.

Ultraman X came out strong but could not finish. The generator we used showed Irys, after a, brief, rough start, finished strong to pull off the victory.

I found her journey to become champion interesting as she was a kaiju that got upset in the first round of last year’s tournament.

What are your thoughts on the tournament and Irys as the new champion?

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