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Kaiju Cup Tourney: Final Four

by KentApril 5, 2016

It was guaranteed that the left side of the bracket would be represented by a higher-seeded kaiju while the right side was represented by a lower-seeded kaiju,

With that I say, BEHOLD YOUR FINAL: Ultraman X vs. Irys!

This match would even be interesting if it were made into a movie. It’s amazing to see how far Irys has come since her loss in the first round last year. Ultraman, last year, made it to the Regional Final but ended up losing to Gamera. It appears that Ultramen have done well here. Of course, too, they’ve been seeded number two on the same bracket in back-to-back years. Maybe it is that bracket?

Coincidentally enough, the representative of the right side of the bracket comes from the bottom right of that bracket for a second consecutive year. Can Irys also be the second champion to come from that side of the bracket?

This Saturday the Final will be held! Jason and I will make the announcement on the podcast and then post the results soon after. We’ll also discuss the tournament overall. It’s a podcast you won’t want to miss!


Kaiju Cup Tourney: Regional Finals

by KentApril 3, 2016

Never have I had a round, prior to today and in last year’s tournament, where a single round’s bouts were so decisive.

This is the cream of the crop, folks. The titans of the kaiju world in 2016. Take a moment to look at the Final Four kaiju. Okay, you saw them? Good! Each one of them had no trouble in their Regional Final matchup. They made it look easy. I was even impressed considering that each one of these four kaiju had magnificent opponents.

Now that the Final Four is set, who do you have? Are your original picks still alive? Discuss below!


Kaiju Cup Tourney: Second Round Results

by KentMarch 30, 2016

One of the many things I love about this is that anything can happen! Every round there is going to be, at least, one upset.

We found out, on Sunday, that neither Jamila nor Viras will be returning to The Final this year. Then we had MUTO and Reptilicus, the two kaiju who knocked off Jamila and Viras, come in and make us think that, perhaps, we could see them going the distance.

Alas, no eight seed will make it to this year’s Final. Nor will a number one seed for that matter: Gamera and Kaizer Ghidorah got knocked out by King Kong and Biollante. That’s a surprise considering Gamera was a Final Four participant and Kaizer was looking strong; albeit his only win was against Minya, but, c’mon, it’s Kaizer Ghidorah!

My Yongary will not be the champion either. It wasn’t even close. Irys swept Yongary.

Speaking of sweeping, Gigan did just that to MUTO. MUTO gave an impressive performance against Viras, which led me to believe that it could make a run for it. That wasn’t to be.

Barugon, in a tough bout, defeated Dada. Ultraman X and Daimajin went toe-to-toe with Ultraman X coming out victorious. Guiron quickly disposed of Legion, and Megalon had a tough round with Reptilicus.

My bracket is officially busted many times over.

My thoughts as to who will be the Final Four after Saturday? I think we’re looking at Megalon, King Kong, Barugon, and Irys. Those kaiju have been the most [...]


“Gamera” 50th Anniversary Film Announced!

by KentOctober 9, 2015

*NOTE*: Credit goes to August Ragone for the information concerning the new Gamera film as well as the two images in this article. Any speculation in this article is that of my own. The new trailer is posted below.

Fans have wondered, for some time, as to whether or not Kadokawa would celebrate Gamera’s 50th anniversary by producing a new film.

There were various rumors throughout the year that an announcement would come concerning a possible project, but many fans were left with the notion that such a film would not come through.

Alas, that time has come!

At NYCC, on October 8th, 2015, Kadokawa announced a 50th anniversary Gamera film that, for the moment, is simply titled: “Gamera.”

A  four minute “trailer,” (read that as pilot trailer) was released to the public and it was also announced that Katsuhito Ishii would direct the new film. Ishii has never directed a kaiju movie prior to “Gamera.”

Ishii, however, has won numerous awards and acclaim in Japan for some of his films including Party 7 and The Taste of Tea.

The trailer showcases kaiju and landscapes in CGI. The CGI is incredibly convincing and even a couple close-up shots of Gamera look like man-in-suit techniques [...]


DKN Podcast: Episode 80

by DKN BotMay 20, 2015

On this episode of DKN Podcast, co-hosts Kent and Jason take a break from reviewing TV Shows and Films and discuss on collecting kaiju/tokusatsu memorabilia and why we collect them! The hosts also do an overall discussion on the Gamera Franchise.

If you have any questions or comments for the co-hosts, email them to via written or audio, use #DKNPodcast on Twitter or message us on our Facebook page! We would love to hear from our listeners/fans!

Episode Track List: 00:00:00 – Introduction 00:05:00 – News 00:13:37 – Gamera Franchise Overall Discussion 01:02:25 – Kaiju/Tokusatsu Collecting Discussion 01:59:02 – Conclusion

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