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Kaiju Cup Tourney: Second Round Results

by KentMarch 30, 2016

One of the many things I love about this is that anything can happen! Every round there is going to be, at least, one upset.

We found out, on Sunday, that neither Jamila nor Viras will be returning to The Final this year. Then we had MUTO and Reptilicus, the two kaiju who knocked off Jamila and Viras, come in and make us think that, perhaps, we could see them going the distance.

Alas, no eight seed will make it to this year’s Final. Nor will a number one seed for that matter: Gamera and Kaizer Ghidorah got knocked out by King Kong and Biollante. That’s a surprise considering Gamera was a Final Four participant and Kaizer was looking strong; albeit his only win was against Minya, but, c’mon, it’s Kaizer Ghidorah!

My Yongary will not be the champion either. It wasn’t even close. Irys swept Yongary.

Speaking of sweeping, Gigan did just that to MUTO. MUTO gave an impressive performance against Viras, which led me to believe that it could make a run for it. That wasn’t to be.

Barugon, in a tough bout, defeated Dada. Ultraman X and Daimajin went toe-to-toe with Ultraman X coming out victorious. Guiron quickly disposed of Legion, and Megalon had a tough round with Reptilicus.

My bracket is officially busted many times over.

My thoughts as to who will be the Final Four after Saturday? I think we’re looking at Megalon, King Kong, Barugon, and Irys. Those kaiju have been the most [...]


Kaiju Cup Tourney 2016: The Bracket

by KentMarch 26, 2016

It’s that time of the year, ladies and gentlemen: The Kaiju Cup Tourney is upon us!

If you didn’t see last year’s inaugural tournament, two eight seeds, Jamila and Viras, made it all the way to The Finals. Jamila came out as the tournament’s first champion. As a result, Jamila is the overall number one seed going into this year’s tournament. Viras also gets a number one seed.

We’ve added some new kaiju into the tournament this year. Nearly half the bracket is new kaiju.

When it came to the seedings, I looked at last year’s results to help give me some idea of where to place returning, and new, kaiju. It was difficult to make an honest attempt at figuring out where returning kaiju should be placed, but I believe I did everyone justice. In the end, all that matters is who wants it more, right? Again, last year, two eight seeds made it to the final round for all the marbles.

Below is the timetable of when results for each round will be posted:

First Round: March 27th

Second Round: March 30th

Regionals: April 3rd

Final Four: April 6th

Championship: April 9th

Who do you think will be victorious this year? Will Jamila go back-to-back? Will Viras get redemption? Post your thoughts and discuss below!


The 2015 Kaiju Cup Tourney

by KentMarch 20, 2015

To coincide with the NCAA’s college basketball tournaments, we decided to have one of our own…except it involves kaiju!

We’re introducing the inaugural Kaiju Cup Tournament. We’re hoping this will be an annual event that will be held this time every year. This year, we have 32 kaiju competing for the cup. We’re thinking about expanding the field to 64 next year.

This particular tournament, we’ve divided the four brackets up into “regions”: Space, Mecha, Mutated, and Legendary kaiju. It’s unclear whether we will continue with the same region names in the future but time will tell.

This year’s bracket is shown below:

The seeding was determined through my own judgment. Again, it’s unclear whether such a decision will be made in future tournaments or through a generator.

How winners will be selected

Through a simple generator. It’s unfortunate that there really aren’t any good, free simulation software out there (unless any of you out there know of any) that could be used to simulate these matches in a more realistic manner that takes kaiju powers into consideration.

So we’re left with a generator that will select the winners at random. While this isn’t ideal, it does, however, give the weaker kaiju a legitimate shot at winning the tournament. Such [...]


Planet X Control Room: Episode 49

by DKN BotNovember 19, 2013
Jason hosts the episode by himself this time without Kent, but reviews the third and final Daimajin film, 'Daimajin Strikes Again'!

Planet X Control Room: Episode 48

by DKN BotNovember 7, 2013
Kent and Jason continue with their wackiness and discuss 'The Return of Daimajin'!
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