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Ultraman Ginga Seven Colors Collection Figures

by JasonSeptember 3, 2013

On the official Tsuburaya Productions site, new Ultraman Ginga figures were released over the Labor Day weekend. However, this is a collection of Ultraman Ginga where each figure display a specific color which actually contain certain abilities/powers from the new Ultraman series. The set is called the Spark Dolls SP Ultraman Ginga Seven Colors Collection which stand at 140mm (5.5 inches) and are going for ¥3,675 yen ($36.95 in US Dollars). You can purchase this fine set over at Bandai’s Japan store. The list below will give a little insight on what each color mean. Also, there is no current information on the pink-colored Ginga at this time, but will be coming soon.

  • The yellow-colored Ginga is called Thunderbolt Ginga and this gives Ultraman Ginga the ability to use the shock ray. This version was shown in the first episode.
  • The red-colored Ginga is called the Fireball Ginga and gives him the rage fist attack. This version appeared in the second episode.
  • The white-colored Ginga is called the Saber Ginga and gives Ginga the ability of using the light blade generated from the tip of his hand. This version appeared in the third episode.
  • The green-colored Ginga is the Comfort Ginga and gives Ginga the ability to subdue his opponent when he releases the energy. This version appeared in the fourth episode.
  • The purple-colored Ginga is the Slash Ginga, and gives Ginga the ability of a slash attack ray that is generated from the head. This version appeared in the fifth episode.
  • The blue-colored Ginga is the Cross Shoot Ginga, and this gives Ultraman Ginga the ability of the signature Ultraman move where Ginga forms his arms in an L-shape and shoots out his blue energy. This version appeared in the sixth episode.

Although a lot of us probably won’t have the ability to purchase these right now, but these will eventually make it to most consumers via vendors and small retailers. So can’t wait to get my hands on these down the road, although I’ve already got the Cross Shoot Ginga form along with some other small Ultramen figures.

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