Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did Daikaiju Network come into being?

A: You can go to our About Us page to read more about the Show’s history and how it was formed.

Q: How come you hardly have any special guests on the show, with the exception of one that appeared in Episode 33 of PXCR?

A: We have encouraged our fans to participate with the show in the past – via writing a letter to us with questions or comments, pre-recorded audio, or appear on the show live with us. Joe, who was our very first special guest on Episode 33, wrote to us and wanted to make his case on the King Kong (1976) film, which we also encourage all of our listeners to do if they want to make their case on a particular film or anything else in the daikaiju genre. As far as actors and actresses from the genre, it is pretty difficult to get ahold of them or to obtain their contact information. However, we have plans to hopefully do interviews with actors, actresses and some other well-known figures in the genre when we attend G-Fest and/or San Diego Comic-Con.

Q: Do you guys record the show live in person with one another or from different locations?

A: We record the show from two, different locations most of the time. Kent records the show from Michigan while Jason records the show from Minnesota. Although, on certain occasions, the co-hosts will record the show live in person with one another either from their parent house or when they attend G-Fest.

Q: So since Daikaiju Network is recorded live from two different locations at the same time, what software(s) do you use and how can you obtain the audio of the conversations?

A: We simply use Skype to talk with one another; but, we use Audio Hijack Pro to capture/record the audio from our Skype conversations.

Q: What software do you use to edit episodes of Daikaiju Network?

A: We use Garageband which is only available on Mac computers. Although the program is mainly used to create music, the program does have a template where you can create and edit podcast episodes.

Q: How frequent do you guys do an episode of Daikaiju Network?

A: We do the show on a bi-weekly basis most of the time. Sometimes we’ll probably take a few weeks off from the show, if need be, for personal things. But the show is a bi-weekly show, which also means that we’ll do two episodes a month. However, there will be a month that we’ll do three episodes with the bi-weekly format still in place.

Q: What’s the name of the theme song you use for DKN Podcast and where can I get that?

A: The name of the DKN Podcast theme is Battle Royale by BlueFoxMusic and you can obtain the track over at AudioJungle by clicking this link.

UPDATED: October 19, 2014

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