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Overlooked & Unappreciated

by KentJanuary 28, 2015

I have discussed this issue on the podcast before, but feel the need to write it down in the hopes of having something more on the record and to have the ability to go into depth more about this era of Godzilla films–an era that I find to be, as the title of this article states, overlooked and unappreciated.

Before I continue, I want to give a note that this article is that of my own opinion and experiences. My experiences have shown me that this era is glossed over, or simply neglected, in many discussions within the fandom. Or, worse yet, looked upon as being inferior to the Showa and Millennium era of films. This article’s intent is not to say this era is better than the other two, but to, hopefully, bring about more discussions on the importance of this era of Godzilla films and to garner greater appreciation for the strides it made from when the Showa era ended in 1975. Many of the new techniques used in the Heisei era paved the way for the 1990s Gamera films and for the Millennium era that followed four years after the conclusion of the Heisei era.

Showa & Millennium Reign Supreme

There’s no doubt that the Showa era of Godzilla films is the most discussed and liked within the Godzilla fandom. Not only are there more movies made during this era (1954-1975), but many of the U.S. fans that have led the way to the explosion of kaiju popularity stateside grew up watching [...]


Top 5 Worst Kids in Daikaiju Films

by KentOctober 29, 2014

*This article is intended for laughs and amusement. Don’t take it seriously*

Anyone who has listened to a large chunk of our podcasts knows that some kaiju films rub me the wrong way due to their child stars. I don’t hide my detest for some of these characters. Many times I had wished, oh how I wished, that the kaiju, even the bad kaiju, would kill these kids. To date, only one of these irritating brats has actually died in a kaiju film.

This list is my top five worst kids in kaiju eiga. Believe me, making this list was tough-but the more I thought about it, the easier it became. I even, at one point, thought about extending from a Top 5 to something like a Top 8. While that’s an obscure number for creating a list, I couldn’t make up my mind which five were the worst.  Finally, I did it. I got my top five.

Strangely enough, none of the five kids listed is from a Godzilla movie. Several of them made the list but didn’t make the final cut. All but one of the kids are from the Showa Gamera films; which isn’t that surprising when you think about it. I love those films, but, boy, do many of their child stars annoy me. Note, though, that part of the reason why some of them are on the list is due to their dubbing. I don’t fault the kids for it, but it is part of their portrayal in the films.

On with the list!

5. Susan Williams (Gamera vs. Jaiger): If you had asked me who would be the worst kid in a [...]


Intro. to Daikaiju

by KentNovember 15, 2013
So, you're new to daikaiju and have some general questions you want answered? This guide will help you get started!

“Godzilla” (1998) & G-Fans

by KentAugust 14, 2013
More than 15 years have passed since TriStar's "Godzilla." Why we fans are to blame for the unimaginative Millennium era and what we can do to make the franchise flourish.
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