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Welcome those of you to Daikaiju Network! We were once formally known as Godzilla Planet from early to mid 2000’s and then from 2010 to February 2013. As the podcast gotten to be bigger and that both PXCR and Godzilla Planet were starting to become to different brands instead of one, Kent Nessa (aka NikAinu) and Jason Nessa (aka NessMasta) decided to solely focus more on Planet X Control Room and consolidate GP under the PXCR umbrella.

Now for some early history on how PXCR came into being.

Jason originally started up Godzilla Planet around in the early 2000’s, most likely back between 2001-2004. Once after Godzilla was put to rest for now after his last appearance in the 2004 film, Godzilla: Final Wars, there was hardly any new Godzilla news to go around, and thus Godzilla Planet ceased to exist after that, only to be resurrected 6 years later.

Time has flown by with quite of big things that happened in the world wide web of Godzilla and Daikaiju with 2010 now here and bringing in exciting news to all Godzilla fans. At the end of March 2010, Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers have made a deal with Toho Co., Ltd. and have acquired the license to produce a new Godzilla film, which will be released sometime in 2014. Jason (who ran the original Godzilla Planet) decided that it was time to bring back the site along with his brother, Kent (who ran another Godzilla site, Godzilla Classics).

Jason thought that with a new Godzilla film on the horizon, it would energize the fanbase and websites across the interwebs, with many news items to write and discuss about among other fellow G-fans. This time, however, Jason had finally acquired GodzillaPlanet.com and is more graphically and technically more advanced than he was a long time ago.

But before Godzilla Planet was brought back to life, Kent contacted Jason and asked him about doing a podcast; however, they didn’t know what kind of topic(s) to talk about. Many ideas were flown around until they came upon a particular genre in which they truly love, Daikaiju. It was then settled when official word came out when Legendary and Warner Bros. were going to do a Godzilla film. But now the difficult part was coming up with a name for the podcast show.

Many names were thrown around and they needed something original and something that would stick and something that would also be recognizable among fellow G-fans. One day, on March 28, 2010, Kent came up with the title Planet X Control Room – both Jason and Kent agreed to the name of being both original and recognizable. Thus, PXCR was born.

Planet X Control Room was officially born, along with Godzilla Planet, with the very first broadcast on April 3, 2010 with Episode 1 when they reviewed the original, 1954 Godzilla film. Jason and Kent have done many episode through 2010 up to Episode 22 in late December 2010; after that, the two co-host went on a 4-month hiatus until April 2011 to do Episode 23.

Once Episode 23 was rolled out, many family issues came about, as well as the lack of new Godzilla news. Jason and Kent decided to go on a temporary hiatus, but with no determined time when the hiatus would last. Godzilla Planet and Planet X Control Room were then shut down for the time being until new info came about on the new Godzilla film.

The hiatus lasted for a year and 3-months, until new info on the Godzilla film started to come back up again and with Jason and Kent deciding to attend G-Fest XIX in July 2012 with the opportunity to meet with the infamous Akira Takarada and the original Ultraman, Bin Furuya. Godzilla Planet and Planet X Control Room have now been renewed and has continued on to this day since.

On Episode 31 of Planet X Control Room that took place on February 24, 2013, both Kent and Jason announced that Godzilla Planet was going to be consolidated under Planet X Control Room and were going to focus more on the podcast show itself, for the reason of reducing the workload, as well as trademark issues and merchandising.

We hope that you’ll enjoy Planet X Control Room and hope that you continue to come back to find more news and interact with other fellow daikaiju fans, including Jason and Kent!

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